Banking Surveillance Solution

Due to the large number of monetary transactions that occur daily in financial institutions, security cameras must cover all transaction areas. In any event, where customer assets are compromised, security camera footage is critical in helping law enforcement understand, and appropriately pursue the incident. At HTL, Strategic National Distributor of Hikvison in UAE and Oman, offers Intelligent Banking Surveillance Solutions with a wide range of IP Cameras, NVR, and VMS products and solutions to meet all critical requirements of Banking and Financial Institutions.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

The development of AI and other advanced surveillance technologies enable banks to collect reliable video footage for investigation, gather intelligence for informed business decisions, and streamline processes to manage branches effectively. HTL solutions maximize the use of a security system – more than just a safe environment, you will also enjoy helpful tools for enhanced business.

A sense of safety at the bank is crucial for customers, both in terms of personal safety and their deposits – and that’s what HTL Banking Surveillance Solutions achieve.

Alarm System Integration

Combining CCTV and non-CCTV systems adds another layer of security to branch offices. Our passive infrared (PIR) sensors, along with a wide range of detectors – such as smoke, magnetic, and broken glass detectors – create a complete protection package, and give customers and employees in the area a sense of calm.

HTL’s comprehensive portfolio of security products is aimed at smarter banking surveillance.