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Smart Retail Solution

Hikvision’s Deep Learning Technology in Smart Retail Solution in UAE and Oman

Enter Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution, a groundbreaking system designed to deliver comprehensive CCTV security, ensuring the safety of both staff and customers while bolstering loss prevention measures. But the advantages don't stop there – our smart retail solution also offers robust analytics, enhancing the overall value for businesses in the retail sector. Thanks to Deep Learning Technology, our solution brings three intelligent functionalities to the retail environment:

  • Customer Traffic Analysis: Precisely track and quantify customer footfall, providing invaluable insights into shopping trends and volume.
  • Goods Popularity Heat Mapping: Gain a clear understanding of product popularity within your retail space, allowing you to optimize product placement and marketing strategies.
  • Real-Time Queue Monitoring: Keep a vigilant eye on queue dynamics, ensuring that your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

With Hikvision's Smart Retail Solution, you not only protect your business but also empower it with the transformative capabilities of Deep Learning Technology. Make informed decisions, optimize your operations, and create an enhanced shopping environment for your valued customers with Hyvision and Hikvision by your side.


Saving bandwidth and space without compromising video quality

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People-Counting Solutions

People-Counting Solutions

Hikvision Footfall Solutions in UAE and Oman

In the realm of trade, there's a timeless adage - "small profits but quick turnover." In this context, customer footfall stands as a pivotal KPI (Key Profit Indicator) that can significantly impact your business turnover. Unlike e-commerce, traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores face a challenge in accurately quantifying customer flow. This is where Hikvision's Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera steps in to provide a solution that goes beyond mere customer counting; it generates invaluable customer flow trends that are essential for assessing performance and formulating strategic initiatives.

In the real world, various factors such as shadows and other objects can often lead to miscounts, causing potential inaccuracies. Hikvision's Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera, armed with two cameras and driven by a Deep Learning algorithm, effectively overcomes these interferences, ensuring the delivery of highly precise people-counting data. One of the key advantages of Deep Learning algorithms over conventional video security cameras' vision algorithms is their ability to continuously learn and improve as they gather more and better datasets. Simply put, the longer the camera works for you, the smarter it becomes.

Equipped with binocular stereo vision, 3D people detection, and height filtering technologies, the Dual-Lens People-Counting Camera excels in accurately distinguishing human beings from non-human objects in the background. This technology allows the camera to make precise differentiations between human figures and other movements or objects in its field of view.

By harnessing the power of customer flow data analysis, store management gains the ability to optimize workforce allocation, resulting in increased profits and enhanced customer service. Store managers can strategically schedule staff for peak and off-peak hours, ensuring efficient operations. Additionally, they can devise targeted marketing activities by analyzing the data related to incoming rates – distinguishing between customers who enter the store and those who simply pass by.

We recommend our top-tier product, the iDS-2CD6810F/C Dual-Lens People Counting Camera, which is poised to revolutionize how you understand and manage customer flow in your retail establishment. With Hikvision and Hyvision, you're equipped with the latest technology to drive your business towards greater success.

Customer engagement heat mapping

Heat Mapping

In the retail industry, understanding customer behavior is crucial. Retailers are not just concerned with the merchandise that catches customers' attention; they also want to know the paths customers take and where they pause. This is where Hikvision's Heat Mapping function comes into play, providing retailers with valuable insights.

With Hikvision's Heat Mapping, retailers can accurately gauge the time shoppers spend in specific store areas, pinpoint hot spots, identify dead zones, and measure the actual engagement of customers with specific products. It goes beyond casual browsing, providing detailed data on customer interactions.

Heat Mapping involves monitoring and quantifying the flow of customer traffic within a designated area. This data is represented graphically through a color-coded visual representation, enabling an analysis of visit times and dwell times. Heat Mapping is widely used in diverse settings such as shopping malls, supermarkets, museums, and more. It serves as a tool to uncover customer preferences over time, offering invaluable guidance for product placement and store layout design.

One of our flagship products, Hikvision's Fisheye Cameras, is equipped with the Heat Mapping function. These cameras not only capture panoramic, high-definition images but also provide insights into customer traffic patterns within a store. In larger spaces, fewer cameras are required, reducing installation and labor costs. Hikvision's fisheye cameras are an ideal solution for maximizing monitoring coverage and ensuring image quality in such environments.

With Hikvision's Heat Mapping technology, you gain the ability to understand customer behavior like never before, optimizing your retail space and improving the shopping experience. Choose Hikvision through Hyvision for cutting-edge solutions that drive success in the retail industry.

Queue Detection

Queue Detection

In the world of retail, we've all experienced the frustration of long queues while shopping. It often leaves us with a choice – endure the wait or decide to avoid that store in the future. Waiting time is a critical factor in shaping the customer experience in the retail industry. This is where Hikvision's Queue Detection function comes to the rescue, revolutionizing the management of checkout lines.

Hikvision's Queue Detection cameras offer real-time monitoring of queue situations. They begin by accurately counting the number of individuals in each queue, subsequently tracking the dwell time of each customer. When the system detects an excessive number of people in a queue or an extended average dwell time, it triggers an alert. This prompt serves as a call to action for store management, reminding them to open additional checkout windows, effectively reducing waiting times. The result is an enhancement of transaction efficiency and an overall improvement in the shopping experience.

The Hikvision Smart Retail Solution is meticulously crafted to assist retailers in transitioning their offline stores into the digital age, enabling data-driven support for management and operations. This transformative solution empowers retailers to adapt to the heightened competition in the industry through the incorporation of cutting-edge retail technology.

With Hikvision's Queue Detection and Smart Retail Solution, we are dedicated to helping retailers not only meet but exceed customer expectations, promoting technological advancement in the retail sector. Choose Hikvision through Hyvision for the innovative tools you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of retail.