Traffic Surveillance Solution

Our Traffic Surveillance Solution offers you a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, reliable, high-quality products for implementing a city surveillance solution that delivers scalable, secure, cost-effective traffic management solutions. Our award-winning Video Management System organizes camera feeds providing operators with visible situational awareness, our industry-leading cameras provide a broad and detailed view of an intersection, and our intelligent analytics provides data that can be leveraged to proactively monitor the flow of traffic and automate tasks and alerts for better incident management.

Monitor Traffic Flows

CCTV surveillance enables centralized traffic monitoring, especially at major road intersections. It supplies relevant information to help law enforcement agencies and emergency services deal with accidents. Road and highway crews can also be dispatched to remove hazards or repair malfunctioning equipment.

Cameras can also help mitigate congestion by collecting data on traffic patterns. This information can then be used to reprogram traffic lights and improve traffic flows.

Catch Traffic Offenders

Our license plate cameras capture details at any time of the day or night, even on vehicles moving at high speed and in any weather or ambient lighting conditions. Intelligent Video Analysis supports operators by triggering an alarm when an individual or vehicle enters a prohibited area or behaves suspiciously. It can also greatly reduce the time required to search video footage.

HTL’s comprehensive portfolio of security products is aimed at smarter traffic management.