Bullet Series

Hikvision Bullet Thermal Camera Distributor in UAE, Oman, Bahrain

The Bullet Series includes a single-lens thermal bullet, bi-spectrum bullet, and a smart-linkage tracking system. Based on advanced detectors and Hikvision's imaging processing algorithm, the thermal bullet boasts industry-leading clarity. Combined with a deep learning algorithm, bullet series cameras are widely used in critical infrastructures, such as photovoltaic stations, airports, highways, and more. With real-time temperature measurement technology, bullet series hardware ensures safety in waste removal centers, recycling centers, and anywhere rapid temperature changes are critical.

The thermal camera provides remote temperature monitoring that has the ability to trigger an alarm for a temperature that exceeds a set threshold. This feature is ideal for industrial applications where it is dangerous for humans and where maintaining a consistent temperature is vital.

Hyvision Technology is a leading Thermal Camera Distributor in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. With a comprehensive selection of Bullet Series Thermal cameras, you can be sure that the safety and security of your personnel and infrastructure will be well protected.