Hik-Partner Pro Overview

The merge of Hik-ProConnect and Hik-ePartner into one single software platform.

Are you looking to save time and money while enhancing daily operations and business efficiency? Who wouldn’t? Improve your security business easily with Hikvision’s Hik-Partner Pro. It’s got the whole business cycle in one place.

The Hik-Partner Pro one-stop security service platform gives Hikvision’s partners easy access to all Hikvision product information, promotions, and marketing handouts. It also provides partners with efficient device management and extended, value-added services with round-the-clock convenience. You will love how the Hik-Partner Pro helps your security business run better every day!

Benefits for partners

Product info and promotions

Stay up-to-date with product info and promotions

Marketing trends

Gain insights on marketing trends and handouts

Work faster

Work faster with customizable quote & site map

A complete, seamless workflow

Get product info and promotions easily

Reliable resources are now in your hands, 24/7! Hikvision partners have the power to do it all with updated product knowledge and information. Get ready to learn and share!

Get product info

Install devices and manage customers efficiently

Select the products you need, complete the quotation sheet, send quotes to customers – all of this can be done efficiently. Hikvision partners will enjoy one-click handover of sites and devices, saving time and money for their business and passing that savings to customers.

Get product info

Enjoy remote device maintenance and management

With this integrated and intuitive platform, Hikvision partners get notifications about site issues. They can then identify and even resolve them remotely. The power to work remotely reduces on-site visits in daily and weekly operations and saves time and money.

Remote device-maintenance and management

Explore valuable services and expand your business

Find even more valuable services on Hik-Partner Pro to help expand your business awareness and influence, and get more business opportunities.

Extend your reach with co-branding, displaying your brand logo and info with Hikvision.

Create recurring revenue with cloud storage and cloud-based VMS (HikCentral Connect).

Redeem rewards and services with points.

Expand your business

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