Industrial Park Solution

Employing cloud computing, IoT, mobile Internet, and other technologies, HTL's Smart Park Solutions can improve the operation efficiency of park managers, and the enterprise service level and resident life service level in the park, as well as the clarity, efficiency, flexibility, and comprehensiveness of services, achieving services on-demand. As a leading IoT solution provider, HTL offers an all-encompassing solution for building an intelligent industrial park by focusing on four critical components: personnel management, vehicle management, goods management and site management. This solution not only improves safety with its top-notch security solution, but also helps improve operational efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence powered functionality. All-together, HTL’s solution aims to build a more secured and more intelligent industrial park.

Smart Surveillance Solution

HTL provides complete smart surveillance solution incorporating AI cameras, perimeter cameras, ANPR system, access control, time attendance system, face recognition barrier, and Hybrid SAN storage all integrated in one central management platform, making it easier for operators to control and manage the system.

The combination of advanced AI analytics and real-time alerts to a desktop or mobile reduces system requirements and resources, thereby improving the efficiency of the surveillance system.

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a slowdown in demand and forcing manufacturers to reduce the number of workers on site, it is now more than ever an opportune time to explore smarter ways of doing things. Technologies can help reduce worker density and free up the workforce for greater value-added roles in the future.

Access Control & Security

Having control and knowledge over who, what and when people, vehicles and goods entering and leaving the park is fundamental to ensure the security of the park. This is also a top priority for industrial parks with high risk activities (such as petrochemical parks) or high value products. Pre-screening of people and vehicles, and the use of biometrics such as fingerprint and face recognition, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and under carriage scanners for vehicles, will collectively reduce the risks of unauthorised access to the industrial park premises, and help to monitor the checkpoint to mitigate cumbersome manual checks that are subject to human error.

Together with physical access control and video analytics, the park developer can help ensure a secured and controlled environment to minimise disruptions to the supply chain and at the same time allow companies to have assurance on the timeliness of delivery and quality of goods.