Delivering Success in Today's Retail Environment

Our retail solution caters to both small and big businesses, ranging from a convenience store to a spacious shopping mall. Although each business in the retail sector takes distinct forms and exhibits different characteristics, they all share the need for better property security and smarter management and operations. Based on a deep understanding of what each and every type of business might need, we can offer bespoke solutions that specifically answer the most concerning questions.

Optimal Solutions

Proactive health monitoring facilitates continuous system operation and provides alarm notifications and access to key video via mobile phone or tablet.

We strongly believe that the unrivaled quality of products and the professional service that exceeds expectations are what set us apart. And boasting of the two essential advantages, HTL has rapidly dominated the market of the Middle East with a holistic spectrum of optimal surveillance solutions, covering a wide range of clients from Convenience Store & Quick Service Restaurant, Specialty Store, and Supermarkets.

Wide Product Range

In addition to centralized management, Hikvision’s wide array of cameras meet many unique retail industry requirements with turret, dome, and bullet models. Specialty cameras such as thermal, multi-imager, fisheye, mini multi-sensor and mini PTZs offer additional options. DarkFighter technology provides clear, color images in extreme low light conditions, capturing parking lot events with poor lighting conditions.

Hikvision’s comprehensive portfolio of security products is aimed at protecting retailer profits.