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Creative LED

Hikvision Creative LED Display Distributor in UAE and Oman

Aside from traditional fixed LEDs, Hikvision also provides creative LEDs in several different designs and formats. With that advantage, Hikvision can satisfy custom-tailored LED screen display requirements and set up an excellent display system for any unique scenario or requirement. With Hikvision's LEDs, you will transform those dull meeting rooms, buildings, and retail shops like never before, leaving your audience with an unrivaled aesthetic experience.

HTL, the national distributor of Hikvision Creative LED Display in UAE and Oman offers the most varied products and technologies suitable for every commercial LED advertising display. Catering to industry standards, HTL display solutions have a premium range of video wall solutions to suit any specific needs of an advertising display.

    Product Showcase

    Transparent LED Displays
    Transparent LED
    • Fabulous advertisement display with virtual daylight indoors
    LED Poster Display
    LED Poster Display
    • Easy deployment and powerful content designs perfect for advertising
    LED All-in-one Display
    LED All-in-one Display
    • Highly integrated display – your one-stop solution