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Hikvision LCD Video Wall Display Distributor in UAE and Oman

Our LCD video walls feature tiny bezel screen splicing, uniform color and brightness, and an industrial grade hardware design. Video wall controllers feature signal transmission without delay and loss, flexible control modes, and multiple signal and resolution.

HTL's complete portfolio of high-quality LCD video walls encompasses a wide range of different sizes, resolutions, and technologies. Featuring the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems, and slimmest installation depths, Hikvision's LED LCD video walls are best-in-class.

Product Highlights

True-To-Life Display
Ultra-narrow bezel widths: 0.88, 1.8, and 3.5 mm
Ultra-narrow bezel

The LCD screen produces a near-seamless picture across multiple screens without interruption. Additionally, the LCD screen helps to eliminate any potential image distortion and provides a more immersive viewing experience.

True-To-Life Display
Life-like viewing from any angle
Life-like viewing

The 178-degree viewing angle offers more installation flexibility, providing a wealth of space to present clear imaging wherever your viewer is standing.

True-To-Life Display
All-day Operation
All-day Operation

Hikvision LCD's industrial grade panels can run uninterrupted 24/7, promoting your content absolutely any time your advertisement requires.

Industry-leading color calibration
color calibration

With industrial camera inspection, professional color contrast, and an intelligent pixel-level calibration algorithm, Hikvision LCDs present flawless color consistency and dazzling imaging on every screens.

Effective Heat Dissipation
Heat Dissipation

With intelligent temperature control, Hikvision LCDs let users preset the temperature threshold. Fan cooling begins automatically when temperatures reach the threshold. Due to this, you benefit from its stable performance and longer lifespan.

Durable Protection
Durable Protection

Hikvision LCDs feature highly corrosion-proof brackets and quality construction to make sure that these screens are protected and durable. Clear wiring on the back side brings more convenience to installation and maintenance.


Saving bandwidth and space without compromising video quality

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Meet every display need with cutting-edge tech and outstanding visuals