Value Series

Hikvison Value Series Network PTZ Camera Distributor in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain

PTZ network cameras use pan, tilt and zoom to provide both wide-area coverage and great detail with a single camera. Great image quality and the ability to zoom in make it possible to verify detected security events. The result is maximum protection and minimum costs. The Value series are palm-sized PTZ cameras that fit in anywhere with good image quality.

Value Series PTZ Network Camera gives you good video quality at an affordable price. With its 4x optical zoom and autofocus lets you benefit from sweeping overviews and zoom in to get the details. The series also offers High definition footage for great image usability. And Hikvision’s H265+ technology reduces storage and bandwidth by up to 50% without compromising image quality for significant savings.

At HTL, Strategic National Distributor of Hikvison in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain, we offer wide range of network cameras including Bullet network camera, Dome network camera, Turret network camera, Pinhole covert network camera, PanoVu network camera, Box network cameras, and PTZ network camera and surveillance network products & accessories with best price and availability.

This PTZ Network Camera Series is a series of discreet, compact PTZ cameras that fit anywhere. Perfect for smaller installations, they offer an affordable way to see the big picture and all the important details.