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Hikvision 4-Wire Intercom Distributor in UAE, Oman, Bahrain

4-Wire analog products are popular choices for residential solutions. In traditional homes, visitors knock or use the doorbell – and security is non-existent. Now, Hikvision’s 4-Wire Video Intercom Kit easily solves this problem, creating more security and serenity for your home.

With the plug-and-play function, you won’t even need a distributor in this video intercom system – indoor stations can supply power to door stations via the 4-wire setup, making this solution cost-effective, adaptable, and easy to install. 4-wire Analog Video Intercom System offers all essential functions: video monitoring, 2-way communication, door release, and intercom between indoor monitors.

HTL, the national distributor of Hikvision Analog 4-Wire Intercom System in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain offers an extensive range of video intercom products includes systems dedicated to small installations or single-family houses: the analog or IP Villa and modular systems: IP and 4-Wire for complex installations.