HeatPro Series

Hikvision Fire Detection Thermal Camera in UAE, Oman, Bahrain

Dedicated to bringing professional protection solutions to the mass market, Hikvision’s HeatPro Series Thermal Cameras provide perimeter protection with unparalleled accuracy, and fire detection with superlative sensitivity. Hikvision Thermal Cameras are the ideal choice for enhanced awareness of events and emergencies 24/7. HeatPro Series enables capturing of critical temperature indoor and on open-air grounds at an early stage and is optimized for early fire detection. Automatic calibration with threshold values results in prompt alerting up to automated fire fighting.

The cameras capture stable round-the-clock video, regardless of environmental factors such as zero light, bright light, backlight, shadows, fog, smog, and rain. Apart from fire detection they also provide ultra-effective detection like line crossing, intrusion, and region entrance and exit. Using integrated graphics processing units (GPU), Deep Learning algorithms can reduce false alarms triggered by non-human and non-vehicle objects in outdoor and indoor perimeter defense applications.

Hyvision Technology is a leading Thermal Camera Distributor in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. With a comprehensive selection of HeatPro Series Thermal cameras, you can be sure that the safety and security of your personnel and infrastructure will be well protected.