Technology that Ensures Student Safety & Security

Our campus solutions can deter theft, vandalism, bullying, and violence, and also provide administrators with actionable intelligence and response capabilities designed to limit the impact of those intent on inflicting damage, pain and suffering.

High Quality & Advanced Technology

Our price advantages provide schools the ability to deploy more life-saving technology while meeting budget requirements. Providing this level of savings coupled with Hikvision’s less than one percent technology failure rate ensures school systems are gaining quality while being good stewards of public funding.

HTL Dubai, national distributor of Hikvision provides a full range of select functions that suit a wealth of needs – for kindergartens, for grade schools, for universities. We have it all.

Wide Product Range

In addition to centralized management, Hikvision’s wide array of cameras meet many unique education industry requirements with turret, dome, and bullet models. Specialty cameras such as thermal, multi-imager, fisheye, mini multi-sensor and mini PTZs offer additional options. DarkFighter technology provides clear, color images in extreme low light conditions, capturing parking lot events with poor lighting conditions.

Installing a comprehensive security solution can enable a school to focus on education, knowing the campus is secured.