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Hikvision 8-Wire Intercom Distributor in UAE, Oman, Bahrain

8-Wire analog video intercoms provide an optimum solution for users expecting basic functionality, such as audio-video calls and remote door/gate opening. Hikvision Analog Indoor Stations are the most budget-friendly among the indoor stations. It is designed primarily for limited-budget apartment intercom systems. By using the analog distributor, both analog signals and power can be transmitted via the existing UTP cables. Upgrading your current intercom system is easy now!

HTL, the national distributor of Hikvision Analog 8-Wire Intercom System in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain offers an extensive range of video intercom products includes systems dedicated to small installations, apartments or single-family houses: the analog or IP Villa and modular systems: IP and 8-Wire for complex installations.