Ultra Series

Hikvision Ultra Series Turbo HD CCTV Camera Distributor in UAE, Oman, Bahrain

Hikvision's revolutionary Turbo HD technology brings with it a huge breakthrough in the evolution of analogue transmissions, opening up a whole new range of possibilities using coaxial cabling. The Turbo HD product family includes a comprehensive range of full high definition cameras and DVRs. HTL, national distributor of Hikvision offers a cost effective solution without compromising the quality associated with the Hikvision brand.

Ultra-low illumination cameras from Hikvision vastly improve the efficiency of night monitoring. High-definition 1080p displays come to life with the amazing ultra-low illumination surveillance cameras. With 120 dB WDR and built-in PoC function, these cameras offer users the most advanced security features available. Rest assured that you will see what’s really there—in the shadows, at night, and under conditions that leave other cameras in the dark.

HTL, national distributor of Ultra Series Turbo HD CCTV Cameras in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain offers extensive range of Hikvision Turbo HD products which range from cameras, and DVRs to video management software.