Hyvision Technology (HTL) Warehouse- Sufficient Stock, Fast Delivery

From a humble beginning with only one small storage room, HTL has grown exponentially into a company that possesses 3 warehouses located respectively in UAE, OMAN and Bahrain, among which the UAE one is the largest Hikvision National Distributor warehouse in MENA region. Collectively, these warehouses ensure sufficient stocks and fast delivery, even the most fast-moving items.


Hyvision Technology (HTL) uses the most efficient warehouse management system to ensure consistent supply and prompt delivery. As a leading CCTV Camera & security solution provider who is always staying at the forefront of the technology, Hyvision Technology (HTL) wants to employ hi-tech everywhere inside its organization. Soon, Hikvision robot will be used for picking and packing.

Make products available at the most convenient way possible. Hyvision Technology (HTL) has an intensive channel network which makes our products more accessible to the clients, in addition to large stock in our warehouse for bulk orders.

Make it worry-free for our partners/clients to order any products at any time. Hyvision Technology (HTL) clients always know we have the stock when it comes to ordering. And we take large stock so our clients don’t have to.

Our transport/logistic is ensures fast-delivery to clients. As Hyvision Technology (HTL) is growing into a large organization, it is our responsibility to pioneer Green Logistic, to create a sustainable company value using a balance of economic and environmental efficiency.

“Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician.”