ColorVu Villa Solution

PIR: Passive Infrared (PIR) Camera uses advanced video surveillance technologies to improve alarm accuracy and prevent intrusions.

Hikvision ColorVu Villa Security Solution:

Considering the current social security uncertainties and with more crimes have been reported, increasing numbers of villa residents are looking for home security solutions.


Hikvision PIR & Siren Security Solution is designed to protect villa residents from threat and robbery. It detects intruders with Passive Infrared sensing and ward them off with automatically-triggered flashing blue & red light.


Active Prevention


Conventional surveillance cameras are designed to capture video for search and playback. But with Hikvision PIR & Siren cameras, break-in crimes can be prevented from happening via triggered alarms.


High Accuracy


Empower by Hikvision AcuSense technology, the PIR Siren villa cameras distinguish vehicle, human body from other moving objects such as a moving ball or animal. Thus, no more suffering of false alarms.


AcuSense technology makes home security accessible and intelligent!


Full Color Image 24/7


Hikvision’s ColorVu technology enables cameras render vivid video 24/7 even in extremely dimly lit environments. More vivid images and critical details can be captured by Hikvision ColorVu cameras, compared to traditional black-and-white imaging cameras.


Easy Mobile App Management


You are enbled to get real time notification on your phone when alrmed triggered via Hik-connection mobile app. You can easily control the alarm from you palm in cases when you are going to arrive home late and doesn’t want the alarm to be triggered.