Safe City

Urban cities hold a wealth of opportunities and challenges. HTL helps to keep the balance in check by enhancing the overall quality of security.

Banking and Finance

The main responsibility of a financial institution is to seriously and professionally protect their customers’ assets and investments. HTL understands the unique needs of this industry and offers a reliable solution one can bank on.


This constantly changing environment is known for its real-time needs. HTL provides cost-efficient, flexible and more intelligent real-time CCTV surveillance platform needed for a safer and efficiently running transportation system.


HTL helps retailers understand customer behaviors, assess conversion rates, and improve management efficiency through smart camera features and other tools.

Strategic National Distributor of Hikvision


Maintaining tight security in school settings is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of students and faculty. HTL is here to provide full support to your school or campus.


Sufficient privacy and peace of mind are the key factors for a pleasant accommodation. HTL knows this well and strikes a perfect balance between the two, therefore freeing your mind utterly.

Health Care

HTL protects hospital employees and patients from security breaches, and provides valuable visual evidence that can be used to increase productivity and prevent dishonest claims. Enabling continuous real-time monitoring, HTL cameras allow operators to watch for troubled patients and monitor for unauthorized visitors in restricted area.


The continual and sustainable commercial growth is based on a business environment/system with long-term stability and reliability. HTL customizes every solution to keep your business and assets secure.