We believe the superior service we provide is what makes us different Before at the core of HTL philosophy lies the desire to continuously exceed our partners and clients’ expectations, by offering them professional and responsive service. To anticipate and promptly meet the requirements of our clients is a hallmark of our service. Long lasting partnership is fostered as we are committed to providing products and solutions that always exceed expectations.

Solution Design


We are proud of our experienced solution design team for their expertise. Their know-how is beyond calculating a CCTV camera field of view, lens focal length or pixel density.

Technical Support


Our fully certified engineers from the technical team assist you with installation and are on-call to ensure all operations run smoothly. We also deliver end-to-end solutions to ensure that our clients are fully trained on their solution.

Demonstration Service


We provide free, no obligation demonstration service which allows you to see first-hand the power of our products and our solutions tailored for you



We stand behind every product we sell. Defective items returned within warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you.

Privileges of being a strategic national distributor of Hikvision

As a strategic national distributor of Hikvision, HTL is entitled a full access to every product line of Hikvision, delivering satisfaction to wide range of clients from government & militaries, banking, education institutions, public sectors, hotels, residencies, etc. From 2019, HTL has launched its own branded products thanks to its extensive experience and resources of being in security industry for almost a decade.

Why is it Best?

  • Full product lines: Hikvision opens all its products lines only to strategic national distributors of Hikvision.
  • Work collectively for project: HTL team is an extension of Hikvision team. We work jointly for projects.
  • More technical support: A technical advisor has been assigned to work at our office to provide training and solve technical problems to HTL team and our clients.
  • Stock Priority:  HTL has the priority to get the products first against an ordinary national distributor.
  • RMA service: Defective items will be replaced or fixed right away.