KEYFOB-WE two-way wireless keyfob


KEYFOB-WE two-way wireless keyfob
  • 4 Buttons & 8 Functions
  • Simple and easy way to arm and disarm your system
  • Control wired automation outputs such as gates and garage doors
  • View system status
  • Rolling code high security encryption
  • Complies with EN50131-1

Setting devices technical characteristics

4 button with 8 functions Yes
Arm & disarm one or all areas per button Programmable
Activate output automation Yes
Two-way wireless technology Yes
Hold-up function Programmable
lock and unlock butttons Yes

Enforcer two-way wireless technology

Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE) Yes
868MHz transceiver FM technology Yes

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature -20C to 50C
Certified operating temperature -10C to 40C
Nominal operating temperature -10C to 50C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D) 72 x 30 x 20mm
Weight 28 g

Electrical & battery

Battery type CR-1/3N MK II Keyfob
Battery life Up to 2 Years
Battery voltage 3.0V
Threshold 2.1V +/- 5% at 25C

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade Grade 2
Environmental class II
EN Certificate EN50131-3:2009 | EN50131-5-3:2005+A1:2008
Certification type IMQ
Certificate number CA12.01329
Electrical conformity CE
Warranty 2 years