About Us

Hyvision Technology (Known to all as HTL) is the Strategic National Distributor HIKVISION in UAE, Oman and Bahrain. Maintaining a solid strategic partnership with HIKVISION, the world’s No.1 supplier of video surveillance products and solutions, we are committed to providing our clients unsurpassed products and the most effective, reliable and innovative solutions.

We strongly believe that the unrivalled quality of products and the professional service that exceeds expectations are what set us apart. And boasting of the two essential advantages, HTL has rapidly dominated the market of Middle East with holistic spectrum of optimal surveillance solutions, covering a wide range of clients from government & militaries, banking, education institutions, public sectors, hotels, residencies, etc.

Here at HTL, we integrate honesty, integrity, openness and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. We are devoted to supplying our clients with unsurpassed yet cost-effective products, exceptional consulting services, and professional technical support to pave their way for them to triumph in business.

Our Mission

To maintain our leadership in security industry in the GCC market and provide professional support and service with end-to-end solutions.

Our vision

To be the preferred provider of integrated security products and solutions in GCC region and to create value and prosperity for our business partners

Our values

We integrate honesty, integrity and openness in all aspects of our business functioning, aspiring to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners .

Headquartered in Dubai, Hyvision Technology has grown into a network that spans the Middle East with 3 offices, 9 showrooms, 1 RMA center, 1 warehouse across the Middle East since its establishment in 2011, and has developed a professional team of dedicated and highly-skilled personnel. More importantly, we are continuously expanding our sales and support network.

With only 2 employees from the scratch in 2011, HTL now owns over 50 professionals dedicating in sales, technical supports, logistics &purchasing, finance & accounting, RMA center, operation & marketing and HR. The revenue of HTL hiked from 2011 to 2016 with the average year-on-year growth hitting 240.75%. Within just a few years, HTL has grown into a leading integrated supplier in the gulf region from a small distributor.

Hikvision is the world’s leading video surveillance products supplier. According to the yearly independent research data from IHS Market, Hikvision accounted for 21.4% of market share in global video surveillance industry in 2016, and has been ranked No.1 in terms of market share globally in the A&S Security 50 for video surveillance equipment for six consecutive years.

Security is Always Excessive Until it's Not Enough

Weve been striving to succeed in 2 things…

Empower Partners

HTL puts partners’ success at the centre of our work. HTL believes only by empowering the partners, can we all benefit from mutual growth.

Deliver Satisfaction

Both the satisfaction of our partners and their clients matters to us. That’s the reason we spare no efforts to continuously enhance our products, solutions and all-around services.