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With the development of society, surveillance security is a must nowadays. And the surveillance cameras & solutions are becoming smarter with the application of Artificial Intelligent (AI). HTL always stays at the forefront to CCTV industry to bring you the most advanced products and solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)Technology

HTL offers industry leading smart CCTV cameras and solutions engineered with AI technology, from people counting and facial recognition, to vehicle recognition and automated security alerts.

Hikvision AcuSense & ColorVu

Hikvision’s ColorVu is a colorful imaging technology that helps cameras render vivid video 24/7, even in zero-light environments. Hikvision AcuSense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects with automatic alarm triggering and accurate image searching.

Hikvision H265+

Hikvision’s H.265+ is an optimized video encoding technology based on the standard H.265/ High efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format. With H.265+, video quality nearly matches that of H.265/HEVC but reduces the transmission bandwidth and storage capacity required, due to three key technologies — prediction encoding, noise suppression, and flexible bitrate control.

The Latest Technology in Security Industry

Hyvision Technology (HTL) stays at the forefront and believes it is technology that leads the way and changes the way how people secure their property,  proactively reduce issues and accidents, even optimize management visually. As the Strategic National Distributor of Hikvision, Hyvision Technology (HTL) has launched Hikvision Experience Centre where everyone can get an idea of the latest technologies in security industry.


AI technology for Security Industry

The application of AI technology in CCTV surveillance industry has greatly changed people’s life. For example, in the application of video technology, AI makes it possible for security and business systems to recognise people, vehicles, as well as identify customer interests, and certain scenarios that used to have human oversight like shelf items running out of stock, and more.

The application for Hikvision’s smart technologies is virtually limitless. We help banks to protect employees, customers, branch offices and ATMs. We help retailers to understand footfall in their stores and optimise their merchandising strategies. And we help city authorities to reduce congestion and pollution with smart traffic management solutions.

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The DarkFighterX delivers bringt, full-color image by featuring an innovative dual-sensor design that is based on the process human eyes use to perceive color and brightness. It employs two sensors — one for IR imaging, guaranteeing brightness and sharpness, the other for visible light, guaranteeing vivid color reproduction.

Thermal Imaging

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of IR. The higher an object’s temperature, the more IR is emitted. Thermal cameras make the invisible IR “visible” in the form of heat zone images because of the temperature differences between objects. Thermal cameras are widely used for video surveillance, perimeter protection fire detection, environmental control, medical analysis,


PoC, or Power over Coax (coaxial cabling) technology, utilizes a single coaxial cable to transmit both data and power between front-end cameras and back-end video recorders (DVRs), as opposed to using one cable to send power to a camera and another one to transmit data back to recording units. Hikvision’s PoC technology features long transmission distance which reduces time and costs by making camera access and power are available right away.

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Access Control & Video intercom

Empowered by facial recognition technology, Hyvision Technology (HTL) provides you the industry latest facial recognition terminals, which is quicker, safer, accurate.


Hik-Connect Mobile Software has been designed to help small businesses effectively operate and manage security devices from a smartphone or tablet. The power to view live images, play back footage, and receive notifications remotely keeps owners and operators in touch with their business, even when away.

Smart home solution

Ezviz is a smart home security subsidy brand of Hikvision.  It creates a safe, convenient and smart life for users through its intelligent devices and cloud-based platform. So, families can stay connected, friends can share special moments, home can be secured even when you are away.

Technologies integrated for solutions

Hyvision Technology (HTL) integrates the state-of-the-art security products into a wide spectrum of solutions such as Banking and Finance, Retail, Education, transportation and safe city.

HTL provides a full range of the industry’s most innovated products and optimal security solutions with best services.

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